Anatomy of Backbone.js Part 2

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Level 1
More Models
1 Video - 6 Challenges
Getting your models to work with non-standard servers.
Level 2
Customizing Collections
1 Video - 10 Challenges
Handling pagination in collections, sorting collections, and building aggregate functions.
Level 3
Real Routes
1 Video - 5 Challenges
Handling optional parameters, limiting parameters to integers using regex, handling catch-all routes.
Level 4
Varying Views
1 Video - 5 Challenges
Using an existing element, handling extra initialization options, escaping HTML, changing handling event bindings between Models and Views.
Level 5
Working with Forms
1 Video - 6 Challenges
Build an ajax Form View to create and edit model objects.
Level 6
App Organization
1 Video - 6 Challenges
Namespacing your App objects, building an App View to handle link clicks inside of Backbone, boostrapping data.
Level 7
Customizing Backbone
1 Video - 6 Challenges
Using Mustache.js templates instead of underscore.js, replacing your persistence strategy, utilizing localStorage.


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